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Genres : Series | Drama

Release Date : Sep 20,2016

Total Episodes : 26

Ratings: 8.94 / 10 from 12 users

A gathering of individuals with a similar birthday, including Jack, whose spouse, Rebecca, is expecting triplets in Pittsburgh, Kevin, a good looking TV performer becoming exhausted of his fly single man way of life, Kate, his clever and sweet pudgy twin, and Randall, an effective agent looking for his natural father.


Rebecca Pearson once had a troublesome pregnancy with triplets. The subsequent births happened on an indistinguishable day from her significant other Jack Pearson's thirty-6th birthday. The lives of Rebecca, Jack and their three posterity - Kevin, Kate and Randall - are displayed at various focuses in time. The Rebecca and Jack stories for the most part happen amid the early phase of their marriage, encompassing the introduction of the three youngsters, or at various periods of the kids' childhood, which was not generally smooth cruising for any of the five. Isolate stories concerning Kevin, Kate and Randall are likewise introduced in their grown-up years, every who has his or her own things coming about because of that childhood: Kevin who was by and large the disregarded one since he had no outward issues; Kate who has dependably had weight issues; and Randall, the talented one, being the unmistakable untouchable and being the "non-K" tyke. These stories may exhibit the enthusiastic ties that exist in light of being family, as well as

Latest EpisodeSeason 2 Number One (Nov 14,2017)

Season 2







Episode 6 - The 20's 7 Links 2017-10-31
Episode 5 - Brothers 7 Links 2017-10-24
Episode 4 - Still There 7 Links 2017-10-17
Episode 3 - Deja Vu 7 Links 2017-10-10
Episode 2 - A Manny-Splendored Thing 7 Links 2017-10-03
Episode 1 - A Father's Advice 7 Links 2017-09-26

Season 1



















Moonshadow 165 Links 2017-03-14
What Now? 113 Links 2017-03-07
Episode 16 - Memphis 85 Links 2017-02-21
Episode 15 - Jack Pearson's Son 81 Links 2017-02-14
Episode 14 - I Call Marriage 96 Links 2017-02-07
Episode 13 - Three Sentences 126 Links 2017-01-24
Episode 12 - The Big Day 82 Links 2017-01-17
Episode 11 - The Right Thing to Do 29 Links 2017-01-10
Episode 10 - Last Christmas 107 Links 2016-12-06
Episode 09 - The Trip 76 Links 2016-11-30
Episode 08 - Pilgrim Rick 71 Links 2016-11-22
Episode 07 115 Links 2016-11-15
Episode 06 - Career Days 93 Links 2016-11-01
Episode 05 - The Game Plan 65 Links 2016-10-25
Episode 04 - The Pool 76 Links 2016-10-18
Episode 03 - Kyle 68 Links 2016-10-11
Episode 02 - The Big Three 69 Links 2016-09-27
Episode 01 - Pilot 172 Links 2016-09-20

Series Parental Guide

nudity Mild to moderate sexual references and brief nudity. Mild adult language and moderate mentions of adult humor. Occasional mentions of drug use as well as storylines that center around addiction and alcoholism. Mature situations shown such as death. 4/10 Episode 1: A young man's bare butt is briefly visible. A man seductively whispers to his pregnant wife. A man jokingly asks to come inside a woman's house for a "handy". A doctor who delivers babies makes a comment about "pulling eight-pound objects out of women's vaginas." A man suggests to another man he could get a job in porn. Episode 2: A woman alludes to sex with her husband while he's on the treadmill, telling him after he asks for five more minutes "Shower quickly and we can work those last five minutes off a different way." Episode 3: A man says he won't do any roles where his penis is exposed. A man admits he's "trying to have some sex". A man refers to "that ass" affectionately. A man and a woman passionately kiss. Episode 4: None. Episode 5: A man refers to "loud, no-kids-home sex" and "doing it in the shower". Episode 6: A man playfully pushes a woman onto a bed and embraces her; she giggles and the scene cuts away. A joke is made about a professor telling a couple to "leave, have sex, and come back when you're ready to learn". A man and a woman kiss and fall backwards onto a bed. Episode 7: A woman says she's turned on by a washing machine; the man lifts her and says "I'll show you turned on." She giggles and the scene ends. Episode 8: A reference to a man "banging" a nurse. A man and a woman kiss and embrace. Episode 9: A reference is made to a man having sex in high school. Episode 10: A man makes a reference to having an affair. A woman asks a man "You wanna have sex?" He agrees and they head upstairs. Episode 11: A man alludes to sex in a hospital bed ("I need you to lock the door and climb up here.") A man and a woman embrace; it is later referenced that they're sleeping together. A man makes a reference to a "sexy nurse's outfit." Episode 12: A man and a woman passionately kiss in bed and are interrupted by their children. A man alludes to sex with a woman ("I'm in cabin number 13...when you're ready.") Episode 13: A man and a woman passionately kiss and fondle each other in the shower (only seen from the shoulders up), but are interrupted by a falling soap dispenser. Episode 14: A reference is made to a man 'sleeping' with two different women. Parents give their teenage son a talk after learning he's having sex with his girlfriend; the scene is brief and only the words 'condoms' and 'respect' are used. Episode 15: None. Episode 16: A man refers to a teenage girl "nibbling" on a teenage boy's ear. A man takes his shirt off while passionately kissing a woman in a bedroom. Episode 17: None.
violence Overall for season 1: Infrequent mild violence is depicted in some episodes. 2/10 Episode 1: A woman falls off a scale and is injured. A fake baby is thrown and has its head ripped off. Episode 2: None. Episode 3: A man is punched in the face by a panicked woman by mistake; he is fine in the next scene. Episode 4: None. Episode 5: Two men fight; we see a direct punch to the nose. Episode 6: None. Episode 7: Two boys get into a fight on a football field; they are pulled off each other quickly, no blood/injuries occur. Two men start shoving each other and get into a fight on the street, though it is shot in a comical light. Episode 8: None. Episode 9: None. Episode 10: A man stands on the edge of a building, contemplating taking his own life. Episode 11: None. Episode 12: None. Episode 13: None. Episode 14: None. Episode 15: None. Episode 16: None. Episode 17: A drunk man repeatedly punches another man before being pulled off by other men. A man is knocked down and kicked in the street.
profanity Overall for season 1: There is infrequent mild to moderate language. 4/10 Infrequent use of 'damn', 'hell', 'ass', and 'bitch'. 'Dick' is used four times in episode 12.
alcohol Overall for season 1: There are occasional drug references and use of alcohol. A man's past as an alcoholic is part of an ongoing storyline and is portrayed in a negative fashion. 3/10 Episode 1: Heavy wine-drinking among adults, though no one is seen intoxicated. A man is offered a cigarette but declines. Episode 2: One brief reference to both cocaine and morphine. Two adult characters get drunk at a party. Episode 3: None. Episode 4: Allusions to alcohol; a man is retelling a story to his daughter about his past and makes a quick change while talking to drinking 'vitamin drinks'. Episode 5: A couple are seen at a bar. Episode 6: None. Episode 7: A man and a woman share "special brownies". Episode 8: A woman says that on Thanksgiving her mother got "sad...then drunk...then angry." Episode 9: A man drinks a "mushroom smoothie" which causes his vision/perspective to become distorted. Episode 10: A woman references taking Prozac. A man asks a party "Everyone drinking enough?" Episode 11: None. Episode 12: None. Episode 13: Casual wine-drinking is seen at a restaurant. Episode 14: A man is seen with a drink at a restaurant. Episode 15: A group of men are seen drinking during a montage. A man is seen smoking. A man acts intoxicated at a club and says he might be drunk to his wife. Episode 16: A man goes to a bar and orders a beer. Episode 17: A man is seen drinking at a bar and drinking while driving. A man pours himself a glass of liquor; another man remarks "God forbid you go one night without finishing the whole bottle."

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